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Since inception in 1969, the TLCC has sought to promote and teach safe and responsible Four Wheel Driving. The TLCC Education Program teaches many facets of Four Wheel Driving and Camping. Take advantage of what the Club offers, learn the basics or learn a lot, have fun and make new friends all by enjoying the benefits of the Toyota Land Cruiser Club facilities and utilising the skills of our experienced personnel.

Our Driver Training Unit is our primary training team and is responsible for delivering the Club’s Training.  Successful completion of the TLCC driver training program will be recognised with a "Club Certificate".

Other courses are available for full members to enrol in. These courses are facilitated by Club Members for Club Members. Navigation and Communication Courses attract a fee to cover the costs of items & handouts used during the courses

You can discuss the content and availability of these courses with the Education Coordinator or the individual course presenters.

The Club also organises a First Aid Course on behalf of Club Members, by an External Training Organisation (eg. St John Ambulance Australia). This course attracts a fee, charged at External Training Organisation rates.

For courses at our Properties most members choose to camp on the Willowglen or Koolandilly Properties but you would need to be self-sufficient for your food and rubbish. Alternatively (and especially in winter), some people choose to stay in local accommodation instead of Willowglen ~ 

- The Loaded Dog at Tarago is about 15 minutes drive away and is a basic country pub - www.loadeddoghotel.com

Enrol in a course today and secure your position in an upcoming course.

Training Reviews

  • Thanks for an amazing weekend. The entire weekend is so well and professionally organised, it is a pleasure to be part of it and watch it evolve over the two days. The training course is a well-oiled machine... to achieve this in a volunteer-run club is not easy, trust me I have seen clubs try and struggle!

    Although you were being assessed this weekend, I can tell you that, from a trainee perspective, there was no difference in the professionalism, enthusiasm and delivery from the course in October and this one. So even though you may think you were being more thorough due to the assessment, I thought the October 2016 course was just as thorough!

    So well done and a huge 'thank you' from both of us, and your helpers' tremendous efforts, they are very, very much appreciated.

  • I had such a wonderful time during the weekend.

    Credit to you and all the trainers. The whole thing was organised in such a professional way it rival big corporations training program. I can not thank you all enough for the help and instruction and guidance I received. I am sure all the attendees would feel the same.

    I look forward to seing you and the trainers in the future activities with the club.

  • I just wanted to once again thank all the volunteers for the Driving Training on weekend of the 15th & 16th October 2016.  They really went above and beyond and I know everyone who attended was both impressed by the level of knowledge, the quality of the teaching, the organisation and the general feel of the club.  The fact this weekend happened with such a high level of quality from volunteer staff has blown me away.

  • I just wanted to let you know how much fun we had last weekend, it was just fantastic.
    I have to compliment you guys on the way the weekend was run, the property and the facilities.
    Thank you, looking forward to being a part of the TLCC.

  • Fantastic club, run by dedicated volunteers. They made us feel so welcome right from the start. The driver training was run professionally and safely. The club has opened up our eyes as well as increased our capabilities as 4WD'ers. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about their 4WD. Well done everyone involved in the club and thank you.

  • I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thanks for putting on such a well organised and informative training weekend for us. Trish and I had a great time and learnt heaps. We were both particularly impressed with how all the trainers knew (or at least, appeared to know!) exactly what was going on at each station/example area and were prepared whenever it was their time to talk through whatever the topic was. It was also great that they were all 'singing from the same song-sheet' so to speak – without exception the instruction/directions were always consistent. These sort of things don't happen by chance, so thankyou to all the instructors for putting the effort in, particularly considering they're all there on a voluntary basis. 

    I've been singing the clubs praises last night and again at work this morning to quite a few interested people. Hopefully some of that interest translates to memberships.

  • I’d like to pass on my thanks to you & all the trainers for a great & informative weekend.

    I’d also like to note that outside the training  your crew are absolutely wonderful. Back at the shed they made us feel very welcome & included us in their conversations with sincerity. It’s a credit for the club to have such a wonderful group representing it.

  • Thank you very much for a really great weekend. I was keen to do the training as I have always felt that I should be able to support my husband in the driving despite the terrain. But at the same time I was very apprehensive as my driving of our Hilux consisted of relieving Gary on long drives and only on sealed roads and mainly where there was little traffic. 

    On Saturday when I was confronted with the tracks I was going to have to drive I was literally terrified and I was convinced I could not do it. But the trainers were not fazed by my tears and negative statements, and at all times they were positive and encouraging and despite myself I managed every part of the training. I returned to the camp exhausted but with an understanding of what our vehicle was capable of and regardless of how I felt if I followed instructions and trusted the trainers then I could complete all those seemingly impossible tracks. 

    The crowning glory was the night drive as I was able to complete this and actually really enjoy the drive knowing that I had just driven over parts of track that had reduced me to tears during the day. 

    Thank you to all your amazing volunteer trainers words cannot express our gratitude for a new skill that will continue to bring enjoyment into our lives. 

  • This was honestly the best training course we have ever attended! I would like to thank you and all the other trainers involved for running such a great course!

    Obviously you have all been doing this for a very long time and have a lot of experience. We were deeply impressed by the professionalism and motivation of all the trainers. We learned a lot and really enjoyed the company of the other participants. We are looking forward to meeting some of them again at the TLCC Fireworks Spectator in June.

  • Many thanks. It was a most enjoyable weekend and I learned a great deal about the operation of my Landcruiser that I had previously been oblivious to! They really are impressive and capable machines when put through their paces.

    Thank you to you and the TLCC team. It is a huge effort to run the training programs every month and all the volunteer's efforts are very much appreciated. The good humour, patience and passion that every member of the TLCC training team injected into the course was something to behold.

    The focus on safety and the fact that no one was injured and no vehicles were damaged through the course of the weekend (including a night drive) is a credit to the training team's experience and skill.

  • Massive congratulations to you and your team for our training over the weekend. It was very enjoyable, pretty scary, but most of all super informative. All of your trainers (in no particular order, Gary, Recky, Steven, Richard, Robyn, David, Ian, Tony, Jeremy, Bill and those who I’ve missed or mis-spelled) were genuinely supportive and knowledgeable. Even Bill was affable from time to time! ;-) You clearly put an enormous amount of time and effort into the event and we send huge thanks. Please pass on our appreciation to each and every one of your team.

  • I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the training course, and I am blown away by the number of volunteers that were on hand to help us.

  • Thanks very much for an enjoyable weekend. Both Trish and I had a great time, if we had completed a course like this earlier on in life, we would have avoided a lot of mistakes that we have made over the years.

    The best result is that Trish is now confident to drive our vehicle off road, something that I have never persuaded her to do previously.

    Please pass on our thanks to all the Trainers.

  • I have to say, that far exceeded my expectations. A big, big thank you to you and all the trainers, it really was a fantastic weekend.

    What a brilliant group of trainers you all are, even Bill!! Looking forward to seeing you and the group at future events.

  • We just wanted to thank you, and all the volunteers and trainers that made our training so incredibly valuable. As a result of the training, both of us have an enhanced view of what our LC 76 Series is capable of as well as much more confidence in our driving ability off-road.

    Having a better understanding of recovery techniques which allow us to safely get out of situations is the 'cherry on top".

    Just some random feedback from both of us:

    The training, both hands-on and 'classroom', was extensive and right on the mark.

    Having such a diverse group of people providing the training, all from different backgrounds and each imparting their own unique knowledge, was exceptional.

    The trainers were wonderfully supportive, and also utilized the right level of humour to lower stress levels.

    In short, we thought Modules 1,2 and 3 were brilliant and we will be back for more. (We have also started to recruit family and friends to join the Club and take advantage of what it has to offer).

    "Hat's Off" to you and the Team that made all of this possible! Thanks again!

  • I enjoyed the driving challenge – better than the commercial course. I think it was a good idea to separate the couples for the driving.

  • I have learned a lot and was able to carry out procedures to the best of my capabilities. In fact my expectations were exceeded and my new competency is very rewarding.

  • Thank you for the top quality basic driver training in September and Modules 1 & 3 last July. It was more comprehensive than I expected and the photos of the driver training last Sunday remind me that I had good reason to be nervous. 

    The TLCC training was done so professionally that it is a credit to all the volunteers involved: we are lucky that the TLCC fosters a culture where fine people can do such a fabulous job. Please pass on my thanks and gratitude that you all were so careful to make sure that total beginners like me could cope with what proved to be a very steep but rewarding learning curve. I'm very impressed and the experience makes me even more pleased that I joined TLCC.