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The TLCC is a Sydney based club. Applicants must be available to undertake Driver Training lectures at Chullora (Sydney) and also Driver Training practical sessions at our Willowglen property at Tarago near Goulburn. Application to join the Club must be accompanied by payment that includes a joining fee and an annual membership fee, according to the Membership Fee Structure below.

If you have any questions regarding joining the TLCC or are unsure about the fee you should be paying, simply email membership@tlcc.com.au

Membership Gift Certificates are also available. Click here and purchase TLCC Membership for that special person.

Membership Fee Structure

Membership Application fees are prorated over the TLCC’s financial year which runs from the 1st November to 31st October each year.
Prices include a once off $275 joining fee and Membership Fee, to 31st October.

Eg. If you join in the month of April, you will pay a total of $365.

All prices include GST and are subject to change by the TLCC Committee ~

Month Fee
 November  $425
 December  $415
 January  $400
 February  $390
 March  $375
 April  $365
 May  $350
 June  $335
 July  $325
 August  $310
 September  $300
 October  $285
Yearly Renewal Fee due 1st November each year* $150
*NOTE: Yearly renewals are applicable to existing TLCC Members only.


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