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Historic Vehicle Registration Scheme

The Toyota Land Cruiser Club is a participant in the NSW Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) and currently has over 40 vehicles on its register. 

The Club is also a participant in the log book system that allows for Members to register and use Land Cruiser’s that are more than 30 years old, which comply with the requirement of the scheme, for up to 60 days per year of private use plus any Club events.  This allows members to use their vehicles without any notification to the Club being required.

The Transport for NSW rules require that the vehicles participating in the scheme are more than 30 years old, in close to original condition with only period or safety modifications.  If a member wishes to discuss whether their individual vehicle meets the criteria, they can discuss it with one of the Historic Vehicle Scrutineers, currently Mark Willock and Andrew Boyd.

At present the Club only registers Land Cruiser and related vehicles, such as Hilux’s, Stouts etc.  If a member has a vehicle other than a Land Cruiser they can make an application for consideration for the Club to register and it will be considered on its merits.

The Club only registers vehicles under the Historic Vehicles Scheme not the Classic Vehicle Scheme.  The specific requirements of the scheme are available on the Transport for NSW  website

There is no membership waiting period required by the Club for a vehicle to be registered.  Once you are a member of the Club you can participate in the scheme.

A vehicle can be added to the scheme by contacting one of the scrutineers either via treasurer@tlcc.com.au or info@tlcc.com.au.  The vehicle is assessed as to its suitability for the scheme and the paperwork issued.  The Club does not certify roadworthiness, a separate roadworthiness certificate (Pink Slip) will be required to be obtained from a Transport for NSW licensed inspection holder.

The final approval of the eligibility of the vehicle rests with Club scrutineers and the TLCC Committee.

If you would like to find out more about adding a vehicle to the register, please contact Mark Willock treasurer@tlcc.com.au or 0412 277 217 or Andrew Boyd info@tlcc.com.au