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YouTube Japan's Land Cruiser Channel filming at Willowglen with Toyota’s Chief Engineer

Date: 03-Dec-2023

Event Details

YouTube Japan's Land Cruiser Channel filming at Willowglen with Toyota’s Chief Engineer.

Mark down the 1st weekend in December as a chance to get your 15 minutes of fame on the Land Cruiser Channel - Japan.
Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of December, at Willowglen, is when there will be 2 x crew members from Tokyo, coming down to conduct interviews with Club members, and film your Land Cruisers for the upcoming future episodes. The Land Cruiser Channel on YouTube is very popular in Japan and the regular features on "Land Crews" sees owners from all over the world talking about what makes their vehicle so special to them.  Now it's time for Australians to have your say!!

The same weekend will see Mr Land Cruiser himself - Koyari San, all the way from Japan, visiting Willowglen. Koyari San is the man responsible for the design of a range of Land Cruisers most notably the 200 series Land Cruiser. He is a dear friend and supporter of the TLCC with a great deal of passion for the club. Those who have met him previously or follow him on Facebook will know how much he loves talking to people about their 4WDs.

Koyari  San is planning to arrive at Willowglen on December 2nd, around 11:00am to kick off the event from 11:30am.  We will host a, morning tea, BBQ lunch with time for casual conversations with Club members. We expect to conclude the event around 3:30pm.  

A brand New 70 Series Land Cruiser, the Automatic with the 4 Cylinder engine will also be on display at Willowglen.

We would love to see as many members as possible attend this event with our friends from Japan and take advantage of the opportunity to show off our Club.  Members who don’t own Land Cruisers are more than welcome to join in for the lunch and the drive around Willowglen.

Please jot down this date in your diary and complete the event booking form to confirm your attendance. We will keep you posted as more details are available.

Below are a few key links to check out.  The Official Land Cruiser Channel on YouTube, as well as a few examples of the interviews to be filmed with members down at Willowglen.

For any questions, please call or email
Andrew Boyd
Mob. 0408 736 472
E: info@tlcc.com.au


Cost: Free
Location: Willowglen
Duration: 2 Days

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