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Oziexplorer for Android - 12 May 2024

Date: 12-May-2024

Event Details

OziExplorer for Android runs on Polaris head units, mobile phones and tablets from many suppliers.

Participants must have their own copy of OziExplorer for Android.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Concepts of waypoints to tracks and plots
  • Discussion of internal and external GPS systems
  • Configuration-reflecting settings used by the course presenter during trips
  • Moving map
  • Creation of tracks, plots and waypoints
  • Loading of tracks, plots and waypoints
  • Saving of tracks, plots and waypoints
  • Navigation
  • Name Search
  • Conversion of maps to OZF4 format
  • Design of customised screens for Android device

Some of these topics require a Windows PC (eg Notebook) with the shareware version of OziExplorer loaded in addition to the OziExplorer running on an Android device.

Cost: Free
Location: Willowglen
Duration: 1 Day

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