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Advanced Driver Training - 17 to 18 August 2024

Date: 17-Aug-2024

Event Details

This course is mandatory for people wanting to become driver trainer’s and/or to join the TLCC recovery team, however application for membership to either is not considered necessary as a reason for undertaking this course and completion of the course does not imply an invitation to join either team.

For this course, multiple members who are currently financial and have done basic training are allowed per vehicle.

The course requires physical work from every participant. We will be working on sloping ground and loose rocky and uneven surfaces while lifting and carrying equipment, hand-winching, crawling under vehicles etc.

The weekend is not suitable for children. All participants will be deeply involved in the activities and away from the shed for most of the days and the course is high-risk with vehicles moving and being recovered.

Vehicle damage is unlikely but not impossible.

Front and rear rated recovery points are mandatory on all vehicles involved.

You will need to bring your recovery gear. Minimum kit to be as per the club hand book as handed out at Basic Diver Training.

  • Snatch strap (rated, appropriate to your vehicle).
  • Cable Dampener.
  • 2 rated shackles – 3.25 or 4.75 tonne (or one of each).
  • Tyre-pressure gauge.
  • Tyre deflator.
  • Shovel.
  • Leather work gloves (riggers gloves best).
  • In vehicle installed 5 watt UHF radio.
  • Four lengths of rope, each about 1.5 times the length of your vehicle.

If you have a winch you will also need.

  • A snatch block (at least one).
  • Cable dampener.
  • Tree-trunk protector.
  • Additional rated shackles.

Other recommended equipment.

  • Bridle/equaliser strap (either chain or plasma rope).
  • Extra rated shackles.
  • Rated chain. 

Cost: Free
Location: Willowglen
Duration: 2 days

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