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Yhe TLCC welcomes Blakehurst Auto Repairs as a Proud Sponsor


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The TLCC welcomes Blakehurst Auto Repairs as a Proud Sponsor

The TLCC welcomes Blakehurst Auto Repairs as a Proud Sponsor

TLCC Promotions 17 Aug 2017

The TLCC Welcomes Blakehurst Auto Repairs as Proud Sponsor.
Blakehurst Auto Repairs provides expert mechanical repairs and full car servicing on all makes and models.

  • We offer new car Log Book Servicing and Fleet Management Solutions
  • We use premium quality parts and lubricants
  • We utilise the latest diagnostic equipment to solve problems
  • We are your one stop onsite Tyre Shop - Supply, Fit, Electronic Balancing and Wheel Alignments
  • We ensure all work is carried out to the highest industry standard

Our staff are knowledgeable service advisers and highly trained certified technicians who will provide your vehicle with the highest quality auto repair available.

We service and maintain the largest variety of automobiles in the Blakehurst and surrounding area – from brand new luxury vehicles to Fords from years gone by

Our technicians take care of your vehicles maintenance and specialise in all mechanical repairs and hard to solve engine performance problems.

Our mission at Blakehurst Auto Repairs is to provide you with the highest quality service and automotive repair by using the latest equipment to diagnose your vehicle and fix it correctly the first time. We return your vehicle in a timely manner and provide you with 100% satisfaction in not only the repair, but in our service.

Another division of our workshop is Blakehurst Automotive Developments which specialises in custom Dyno Tuning and performance upgrades. Our workshop is fully equipped with a Mainline Chassis Dyno, Dual Retarder with the capability of 2400 hp and 3400 nm of torque.

Our Mainline Dyno has also been equipped with many options for testing and achieving more precise and accurate information and data in the testing of high horsepower Turbo charged and supercharger vehicles. We use software to remap your factory computer. A tune and remap will improve performance, driveability and general fuel economy. There are endless performance possibilities that we can arrange depending on your requirements and budget.

We are now official dealers for Unichip.

Unichip is a sophisticated supplemental computer integrated into your vehicle's engine management system.

The UNICHIP specialises all diesel vehicles and also works with petrol fuel systems.

Why UNICHIP? How does UNICHIP increase engine power?

What are the benefits of real time tuning vs other off the shelf plug and play products?

How much power can I expect to make? How will the UNICHIP improve my fuel economy?

How is UNICHIP different from other performance chips? Is the factory ECU modified or affected by installing a UNICHIP?

To answer any of these questions give Nick a call on 02 9547 3399.