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Unsealed 4x4 Partner of 2016 Willowgeln 4x4 challenge


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Unsealed 4x4 - Partner of 2016 Willowglen 4x4 Challenge

TLCC Promotions 11 Jul 2016

So what is Unsealed 4X4 all about?

Well, without tooting our own horn we ARE the biggest and best four-wheel drive and adventure magazine in Australia. We are a free publication, but the one thing Unsealed 4X4 is not is cheap. Our success can be attributed to one simple fact: we put our readers first. We have fantastic and supportive advertising partners on board, which allows us to exist and continue to offer this magazine to you free of charge (thanks guys!). Just don’t for one second think that means we can be bought - we tell it like it is, and always will.

We are hands-on and have dirt under our fingernails, and are only looking to put out a quality mag that’s for you guys first and foremost. We are also proud of our country, and even prouder that we are 100% Australian made. We strive to inform you, and feel that entertaining you is equally as important. We spend less time writing preachy and sensationalised articles, with more effort going into finding exciting trips and tips to help you with your own adventures. Isn’t that what four-wheel drive magazines should be about?

At the end of the day, we are four-wheel drivers, not sales professionals. This is why Unsealed 4X4 is an off-road encyclopaedia, and not a product catalogue. It never will be either, as we cap advertising to a maximum of 30% advertising content per issue (others are over the 50% mark with fewer pages to start with). This means more content for you, without having to spend a cent. Beauty! Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read Unsealed 4X4. This is and always will be your four-wheel drive magazine, so please let us know where you would improve it or what you would like to read more of. Plus we love hearing from you guys, so shoot us an email and show us your 4X4 and your adventures. Oh, don’t forget to tell your friends!