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TLCC Awards


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TLCC Awards

TLCC President 06 Oct 2016

Dear Members,

Each year, the Club recognises Members who have made a significant contribution to the TLCC and its day-to-day activities. The Committee is looking for contributions from the Membership in highlighting some of the key volunteer efforts from Members throughout 2015 & 2016. Ask yourself; does a Member come to mind, have they made a significant contribution to the Club over the past year? If so, the Committee would like to know.

All you need to do is write down who you believe should be nominated, the reasons that you think the person or persons deserves nomination for the achievements that they have made throughout the year, and include any other significant details which may support the nomination.

Send your nomination to Damian Scard via email at president@tlcc.com.au or by post to:

The President, Toyota Land Cruiser Club

PO Box 2, Bankstown NSW 1885

Nominations must be received by Wednesday, 22 November 2016, in time for the October Committee Meeting. This ensures the nomination receives the appropriate consideration by the Committee. All nominations will be confidential.

A couple of points to remember: Members cannot be nominated for carrying out duties that fall within their responsibility, and the Committee will consider all nominations and determine the ultimate achievers. The decision from the Committee will be final.

Our Awards Night is held at the General Meeting on December 5 where we celebrate the achievements of the Club over the past year.

Damian Scard