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Guest Speaker Monday 3 September 2018 TLCC General Meeting


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Guest Speaker Monday 3 September 2018 TLCC General Meeting

TLCC Vice President 28 Aug 2018

Guest Speakers Monday 3 September 2018 TLCC General Meeting – Toyo Tires and Drifta Camping & 4WD

Speaker –  Chris Spencer

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We understand that everyone drives for different reasons and at different levels. We can provide the tyre that fits you and your car, no matter where you’re headed or what terrain you’re on. We’ve taken our experience in the motorsports arena and combined it with our championship tyres to deliver the best tyres in Australia for the everyday driver. We are constantly improving the technology behind our tyres to make sure we always give you the tyres you and your car deserve. It’s why Toyo Tires is driven to perform.

To contact Toyo Tires call (02) 8796 0222

Speaker –  Matt Clinch

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Drifta is a lot different from many companies, we do a lot more than just build products, and a lot more than just sell products. We do both, and only make or sell products we use ourselves, and of course, we do all our own design, product testing and marketing. We are based in a small regional town, and are now the largest employer in Gloucester, with around 65 staff. All our profits over the years have been re invested in the company, to grow the company and expand our range. We have been successful in being able to keep all our manufacturing in Gloucester, in Australia, something that is increasingly challenging, trying to maintain a large workforce, in a small town, in an environment where manufacturing is very difficult and expensive. But that’s our passion, and that won’t ever change.

To contact Drifta Camping & 4WD call (02) 6558 2328

TLCC General Meetings are held at the Liberty Hill Christian Centre No.2A Brunker Rd Chullora from 8pm.