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Towing Course - 7 November 2020

Date: 07-Nov-2020

Event Details

The towing course covers the legal, theoretical and practical aspects of towing everything from the box trailer to caravans.

You do not need your own trailer or caravan as there are usually a few spare trailers about. Of course if you do have one, bring it along so you can practice using your owner trailer or caravan.

Topics include ~

  • What can be towed
  • Who can tow
  • Advantages and disadvantages of towing
  • Legal requirements
  • Towbars and towing equipment
  • Electrical, brakes, axles and tyres
  • Loading
  • Driving and towing outback
  • Gas cylinders
  • Practical driving and reversing

Cost: Free
Location: Willowglen
Duration: 2 Days

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